Flax Drying

Dryer, Brattice or Conveyor - A drying machine in which the wet straw is spread on a travelling brattice and passes through the requisite drying chambers or tunnel. Dryer, Conveyor - See Dryer, Brattice or Conveyor. Dryer, Direct Heat - A drying machine in which the heat is supplied by flue gases from the combination of flax waste or other products. Dryer, Steam Heat - A drying machine in which the heat is supplied by means of steam coils or radiators. Dryer, Tray - A drying machine in which the straw is spread on trays which are inserted into the drying sections of the machine. Drying, Artificial - The wet retted straw is dried under cover, usually in a drying machine or chamber by the application of heat or air or both. Drying, Field - The wet retted straw is dried in the open, usually by standing up large handfuls on their root ends in cone forms, or gaits (q.v.). Laminating, or Pressing - The operation of passing wet retted straw through steel or other pressure rollers to squeeze out a proportion of the water or gummy fluids. Pressing - See Laminating or Pressing.

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